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dive deep

Dive Deep

I’m not a deep-sea diver, nor am I a scuba diver. The one time I attempted the latter, I got so nervous about my breathing and being underwater about one foot down that I immediately resurfaced and got back on the boat. Perhaps I’ll try it again someday.

But for now, I am a diver in my daily life. When I get bored or annoyed with humdrum matters (which, I admit, does happen from time to time because, well, I like drama, dahling!), the antidote, nine times out of ten, is to dive deep—to dive deep into the sweet fragrance of the soap while I’m washing the dishes . . . into the lavender color of my tea as the light shines through the glass from which I’m sipping it . . . into the timeless song of rainfall outside my window . . . into the feeling of the soft, yellow quilt under my fingers as I make my bed. The deeper I dive, the more bliss I feel, and a day spent attending to the quotidian becomes, if not a deep-sea adventure, certainly a deep-spirit one, a deep-art one, and a deep-human one. And, as far as I can tell, that’s the kind of dive my soul intended for me in this lifetime in the first place.

Care to go diving with me today?

Two of my favorite supplies for daily deep-diving are Mrs. Meyers Geranium Dish Soap and Highland Organics Whole Plant Wild Maine Blueberry Tea.

Court Artisan: Ann Moller


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