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My First Spacecraft S.S.W.A.P.!

Cristina Dodd & Stella Metzner, Owners of Spacecraft Brooklyn

I have been doing clothing swaps forever. Some of the greatest ones that I have participated in involved hundreds of women at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Not much is more fun than getting a gaggle of gals together to share, inspire, and swap their favorite clothes. It is one of the reasons why I created the art of Soul Style… teaching women to adore and adorn themselves through their precious gift of Turn On.

And for some time, I have been seriously desiring to do one myself, focusing on my Soul Styling techniques and my love of service.  So this summer I heard from my briliant agents at Plant about this store in Williamsburg that might be interested in my new swap idea . . . S.S.W.A.P – Soul Styling With a Purpose. Which was nice, but I WAS NOT GOING TO DO THIS IN BROOKLYN. I am a Manhattanite and even tho I love and lived in Brooklyn, and Williamsburg is supremely, divinely hip- I was not schlepping there. NO WAY. That is… until I actually went to the store, Spacecraft, and met one of the beautiful owners, Stella Metzner. And in one heartbeat, I practically puddled with the delight of being in one of the most original stores in NYC. My jaw dropped, my heart sang and I flashed back into a world that I always wanted to live in…looking at jars filled with marbles, vintage beads and buttons and geegaws and thingamajigs and ribbons and endless wondrous crafts projects that will transform you into a brilliant artist. Soulful, loving fairies created here and I wanted to, too. In my charmed state of mind, I told everybody that this is our new home for my first S.S.W.A.P. And that because of the struggles that owners Cristina and Stella were facing right now to survive and stay open, I knew that my purpose to serve was fulfilled. So where there is a desire, you bet there is always tremendous pleasure to be had. Just like their 2nd Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-off Benefit that happened today. And the Amy Sedaris new book signing coming up on December 4th; Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. Hysterically funny.

So join the Dame, my gorgeous Soul Stylists, Kayte, Rochelle & Sherie and Spacecraft for the best Clothing SSWAP of your life where you can enjoy Brooklyn Brewery Beer, spacecraft snacks, a runway spectacular, the hottest pieces, the Dame’s sassy Soul Stylings, surprises and all the silly, sharing, inspiring love you can handle. Here are the deets, my friends:


Saturday, November 20th, 2010, 5:00-7:30pm

Spacecraft Brooklyn– The Best Crafts Store in NYC

358 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, NY, DIRECTIONS

$20 Door Donation to Benefit the Spacecraft Revolution and The Sewing Rebellion.

A SSWAP (Soul Styling With A Purpose) is for friendly gals swapping clothes, accessories and fun to serve our souls, the Earth and our wallets!
Bring your best clothing, shoes and accessories to swap and upcycle your wardrobe.


Dame Lori is a passionate pleasure and sensuality expert who inspires women to adore and adorn themselves with their own intimate Soul Style.

The Sewing Rebellion offer free workshops that teach people to reclaim sewing skills.

Spacecraft Brooklyn is the best craft store in NYC and is adored by all, including craft experts Martha Stewart and Amy Sedaris.


Dame’s SSWAP Tip #1:

Please bring your cherished pieces in the best, cleanest quality-
A SSWAP brings great prosperity and health to donor and recipient.
Bring your own SSWAP bag for your booty, too!

Any questions: please email me at lori@damelori.com or call: 646-373-9038.


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A Tango Bride

A Soul Style Star Is Born – And The Dame Was the Doula!

Dr. Christiane Northrup & her tango partner, Jim Carter."Flirting is the key to my tango success!"

On June 18, 2010, with tears in my eyes, I watched my precious friend, Dr. Christiane Northrup, dance tango with her partner, Jim Carter. It was the graduation weekend of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program, and Christiane had divinely risen to a challenge proposed by Mama herself–the queen of pleasurable offers, Regena Thomashauer.

It had taken nine months to create and deliver this breathtaking experience, and I was inspired throughout the process by my beautiful soul sisters, Kirsten Lewis, aka Kiki La Musette, and Sandra Chiu, both of whom are extraordinary dancers, lovers, and muses. It all began with the finding of the corset, a gorgeous black silk La Cadolle, recommended by my friend, Margaret Shrum, a lingerie expert. This find led to a corset fitting party at La Journelle, the best lingerie store in NYC, with Christiane’s daughter, Kate Northrup, as the model–a perfect fit, of course! So I insisted Christiane purchase this exquisite piece as a “Legacy Investment” to pass on to both of her daughters (Kate, and Ann Moller). Then there was a second fitting, this time with Christiane herself–assisted by Brianna and Mara, expert cinchers–where we discovered that my secondhand black satin skirt from my City Opera Thrift Shop was just right, and another expert recommended that we add a red silk satin ruffle to the bottom of the skirt that would peek out in the motions of the tango. What ecstatic joy it was to capture this stroke of genius and take it to my world-class Dynasty Tailors to execute the embellishment. Right before the ensemble was finished, Christiane said she felt like a Bride Married to Amazement in this ritual of the wardrobe creation in honor of the incredible sensual journey she has been on in her life. So, back to the tailor I went, to conjure a red satin garter belt for the bride and a matching tie for Jim! Let’s not forget the Wolford back-seamed stockings, the red French feathered hair ornament I created, and the professional hair and makeup artist–all serving the Divine Doctor in her penthouse suite at the Royalton Hotel. We even had expert cincher Mara on-hand, who laced Christiane in while her dearest friends and family read poems and praised the bride to be as she prepared to step into her elegant satin tango shoes, into the limo, and onto the stage at the Pennsylvania Hotel, never to be the same again. And neither were we . . .

Thank you, Christiane, for stepping up to the challenge to show the world your newfound lust for tango, your passion for living and owning your beauty, and your hot, throbbing desire to love. The Dame knights you for surrendering to Soul Style a la Tango Fever. I await Tango Challenge 2011, but until then, I am surrendering to your newly revised Bible of blissed out health by my bedside.

Love, The Dame


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