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September Soul Style Seductions!

Tis the Season for a Soul Style Surrender with the Dame . . .

It was Spring 2011, Fashion Week in New York City and the entire month was packed with the beauty, the bang and the brilliance of doing something NEW while shaking summer sand out of my ears and sharing my signature solvent to Adore & Adorn around town. (for a contest to join me for a special designer showroom visit…see below!)

I swear it literally took my breath away (I actually had an asthma attack!) with plenty of good gasps, giggles, leaps of joy, shameless flirts, time transports, sensual situations, and the eternal love of a Mama. I dedicate all these moments to my new beautiful friend, Claude Serieux, the hottest Parisian DJ, NYC will ever see and one with whom I shared the breath-giving diffusion of the essential oils Thieves & Peppermint when his allergies were activated after sleeping with a pussycat. Herewith, I humbly offer you my view of My Favorite Top Turn Ons in my Town this month . . .


Tziporah & her beloved wheels at Lincoln Center


This Soul Stylist’s Secret Stylist: I captured my muse, Tziporah Salamon, right before the High Holidays, Fashion Week and her new course, “The Art of Dressing with Tziporah” and put her in my closets where she decreed me to dress with simple elegant chic, Grace Kelly Style. I took it and ran with a new, slightly foggy, Rear Window Treatment to display on my Fashion’s Night Out event at Worth & Worth, NYC’s oldest hat shop!


I love my tiny topper!


The Haberdashery Was a Topper: Beause I am so good at swooning, I was invited by the amazing team at Worth & Worth to be hostess of their Fashion Night’s Out event. What a scene; next door to Bergdorf Goodman, on W. 57 St., the mood was super sexy speakeasy with flattened fedora felt hat vests, plaid suits, DJ and artist Pasha and Jelly Jewels, a rappin’, soulful, hi-jumpin’ crooner.


Dame Lori, Worth & Worth's Orlando Palacios and Cathy Petignant


With live music all night, the joint was vibin’ big with a “Design Your Own Hat” station (stay tuned for their Soho pop shop opening in December) and Portraits With Hats photo shoot. Check out these amazing shots by Roger Dong . . . absolute proof that the power of owning your beauty is contained under one’s lid.

The Lion Purrs: A spontaneous, luscious birthday dinner at The Lion, hosted by my agents, Jade Dressler & Kristen Paladino of PLANT. to celebrate the September birthdays of Claude and myself.  After dinner,  John DeLucie, the chef and co-owner of this spot and The Waverly Inn, who was recently cast by Kristen for a Sesame Street spot through Paladino Casting, invited us for a sneak peek into his very discreet, ultra private upstairs Courtesan Salon (for dinner parties up to 30). Electrifying sensual elegance, as if designed by La Belle Otero herself, where only the most cheeky are permitted. I love a personal invitation to doors unexplored, don’t you?

Reggie- A Back Row Dream Come True: I am a longtime fan of Cynthia Rowley…she is such the image of grace and fun, I co-chaired an event with her and frequently saw her for my surfing seasons out in Ditch Plains, Long Island, so I will follow her forever. Which brought me to the back row, standing room only site where my slow burning indignance was complemented by a fine gent in front of me. Through my quick seductive charms (I call it “The Bitch Must Switch Move”), I decided to have fun with him and the next thing you know Reggie Wells is sharing that he came to town to do Naomi Campbell’s make-up for Dolce & Gabbana’s Fashion’s Night Out event and has been doing Oprah’s make-up for the past TWENTY ONE YEARS. I met a KING and I bow to Reggie!

Now that’s why you act like you live your gracious life in Front Row, even when you get blinded in the back. Yet that did not stop me from seeing the mature, modern and very wise collection that Cynthia created this Spring, ever riding the waves for the peaks of high pleasure with dots and spots in all the right places. I loved her full swingin’ skirts, an evolved Soul Sister, mother and surfer whose collection glowed with the best of downtown and summer sand colors and fun.


Sara Galindo, Elle Mexican Leather Goddess


The Leather Coat Dress that Required an Inhalant: I swear this is the cause of my asthma attack. I was hanging with Jade and Claude at the best rest station at Cafe 65 at Alice Tully Hall and from across the room floated in the best leather piece I have ever seen in my life. It was as if Bonnie Cashin got sexy and decided to swing. I casually sprinted to this beauty (of course, it was Sara Galindo, Editor in Chief, Elle Mexico) and I gratefully gushed that I had to know where it came from…. MEXICO! And she gave me her email so that I can coordinate my very own buy in military green. She had just finished hanging out with Placido Domingo and was thrilled that another King, King Karl had just agreed to come bless Mexican designers & their collections.

A Humanitarian Serves It Up: I love a he-man with a heart…and I send mine to the designer Manuel de la Cruz. This man not only designed a great collection, filled with simple, ultra chic pieces inspired by his Quatemalan roots and the Semana Santa celebration, where Catholics celebrate and show their devotion to The Passion, he advocated for his own spiritual cause, The Leslie Munzer Neurological Institute. It is the best when one so savvy shares another enraptured inspiration with captive others. The gorgeous symbolic colors of purple and black were so sensually conveyed in fabrications of chiffon, silk cotton, double face duchess satin, silk georgette and French lace. Devotional Passion describes the state of my mind when I think of wearing fabulous cocktail dresses of purple and black lace!

A Mama’s Rise to Her Son’s Stardom:

Timo Weiland designers, Timo and Alan Eckstein are so fresh and original and beautiful boys, full of life and wonder amongst fans, cherished friends and family surrounding them with love. I met Alan’s mother, Barbara Frankel, who was swept away in pride and joy over her blessed fortune. Perfect testimony to the true life slogan that “When Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!” I love the playfulness that was communicated in still form, as models were arranged in a still life tableau, inspired by Swedish Fjordlands and the seaside colors of Ingmar Bergman’s life-saving, famous film, “Persona.” I was so swept away by the vivid composition of colors, silhouettes, outstanding eyewear and endless charm, that I wanted to jump up myself and pose in my Rag & Bone and Ray-Bans. Has any designer ever pulled up guests and styled them in the middle of their show before? Or will the Dame have to be the first?

When the Shoe Falls off, Applaud: Front Row at the Eva Minge show, a silent demonstration of what happens when one uncomfortable shoe starts to drop off . .the other one easily comes off, too, with a little help!  With true grace and dignity, a brazen bareheeled model strolled in her long sensual nude silk jersey gown casually dangling the pair the rest of the walk to a solid round of applause from the audience. It was a beautiful Buster Keaton moment of comic relief inspired from a collection whose ultra-cool theme was “Freedom and Solidarity in Fashion.” The huge hobo feedbags and clutches were fabulous and offered the spirit of the show into the hands for all of us to share. I will stand in line to buy one, please!

Thuy (pronouncd “Twee”) is a Buy Me: I get first class attention when I witness any Company Agenda fashion show or event. This beautiful, sweet, original, hot, sexy, glamour goddess collection was genius and as gorgeous as its designer, Thuy Diep. The details are divine with so much spot-on soul style…I am still lusting over her fox tailed tote bag that I want to buy online!  It is so obvious that she designs for a super confident woman who owns her life force AND wants to confide that she is creating a legendary life cause Thuy is all that and more.

Sigh, inhale, release, love, let go and breathe…Oh, man, is this Fall going to be one hell of a Humdinger! The Dame Knights New York City for being the gracious and generous hostess to all who leap at the chance to pursuit beauty, love and service with pleasure!

photos: style.com, Jade Dressler, Dame Lori


Dame Lori & Claude Leaving Lincoln Center


OH, YES, I have a Soul Styling Challenge and Contest for you All! I have several delicious and cool offers to visit some very ultra-chic designer showrooms in October.

What lucky bird will accept this offer to attend with me?
The offer is yours…I will choose only one lucky person this month, the best answer wins. Give me your answers to the following in the comments section of this post… and get ready…I might choose you!

What is your favorite Soul Styled Possession that you are TURNED ON about for this Fall? 
Write me on why, and what and how it inspires your desires, your style, your personality, your being, your life. In other words, why does this PIECE demonstrate your self adoration and what happens to you when you are adorned in it? I’ll announce the winners soon so Hurrrrrry!

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NYC Style Pilgrims: Brian and Richard

COMMiti ego Questionnaire for Creative Teams:

Brian Bennett and Richard Ives

Pilgrims. Handy Pioneers make the best go-to visionaries and this week’s Creative Team, Richard Ives and Brian Bennett of New York’s “Pilgrim” answer the blare of a shofar calling in the style hounds and devoted for a cornicopia of style. (It’s Fall Harvest time…Rosh Hoshana and Thanksgiving is coming…we just had to go there!)

The store is called Pilgrim on the historic Lower East Side, Garmento block of Orchard Street in New York City and the style creds are vast. Richard has been a stylist, art director and designer for the likes of Richard Avedon, Steven Klein, Michael Thompson, and Donna Karan and partner, Brian Bennett, a connoisseur and collector of art and music for most of his life.

Love and passion for the arts and style equals Pilgram, located at 70 Orchard Street in Manhattan. Dive into Richard Ives’ custom collection plus vintage designer runway styles and bijoux from Valentino, Christian LaCroix, Dior, Fendi, KJL Studio, Wendy Gell, JMP Paris, YSL, Ugo Correani, Versace, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Ben Amun, Miriam Haskell, Napier, Ciner, Kramer, Lisner, Guy LaRoche, Claude Montana, Chanel, Dior, Alaia, Krizia and Sonia Rykiel. Here is a link to the lively and active Pilgrim Facebook page and here is what makes them tick as Creative Partners.

1. how do you access your creative?

Brian: I try to meditate daily, I try to do creative thinking during my morning walk with my dogs — which is every morning.

Richard: I don’t even think about it, just a part of my thought mechanism. it’s not like I sit down and say to myself: “be creative now”. lol. It’s like someone who is good at math or basketball, it just happens.

2. how do you transform fear and disdain into brilliance + partnership + productivity?

Brian: I think creative things often come from a place of fear which is kind of a paradox as I try not to live in fear and try to live in the present.  I don’t think that makes much sense, but creative brilliance often comes for tapping into searching for one’s sense of self.

Richard:. The fear is of being”found out,” that you really aren’t talented and you have to stay one step ahead of everyone so they don’t discover this. lol. It keeps me motivated.

3. what have you realized about yourself as a result of creative partnerships?

Brian: I’ve been in creative partnerships my whole adult life.  I can’t imagine doing it alone.  I don’t think great things come from doing it on your own.  Everything that is magnificent is always a collaboration, but it’s never easy–negotiating your ideas vs. their ideas–there is often conflict, and conflict resolution is not easy until you reach the resolution.

Richard: I’m a control freak, but I still need input and ideas and critique in order to grow and produce.

Brian and Richard’s collaborative creative / partnership ritual.

Brian: Richard usually buys the fabrics before anything. Richard then usually asks my opinion about what I think.  Usually he has an idea right off the bat — that is usually great.  I sometimes offer my advice about changing it here or there, or what dress, top or pant it should be done with.  We often talk about what’s going on every day in the world of fashion, design, music, the news, everything is an influence. Even the subway ride over to work.  Sometimes I’ll see something that I’ll share that I loved someone’s look on the subway.  It just evolves from there into long conversations…LOL.

Richard: As Brian stated, fabric selection is a major factor in our collaboration. I pick something and then we discuss the possibilities or the limitations. It has become our design ritual.

Court Artisan: Jade Dressler

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Lucy Raubertas: I Confess! I am a Ritualizer!

This week, The Ritualizer probes the rituals of the really lovely Lucy Raubertas of the lush and informative blog, Indie Perfumes, “Perfume and desideratum in Brooklyn.” You just have to be the definition of lovely to write passionately and originally about indie perfumes. Lucy is like a modern fairy in a hip, literary-sexy, Euro-Brooklyn babe’s body. Here are some of her rituals:


As soon as I wake up, Dante, my Italian Greyhound comes over and wags around happy to be alive, so the custom has been well established that he is to be petted as much as he wants first thing in the morning.


After reading up on whatever favorite artist or writer I know of from that region, I try to map out walks ahead of time, if possible finding some scene from the stories or paintings such as those at Rubin Museum in New York, where I recently went to “The Smell of Ecstasy.


Music always gets me inspired, I let the particular kind just arise out of the vast array and grab me.


Every morning I go to the window and I look out at the sky and let the quality of the light and the weather fill my eyes. I can then feel what the day will be like, though not what will happen, more like figuring out what the day’s internal theme will be.


I carry a number of perfume samples with me so when there is a moment and I know I have something truly wonderful on me that I think would appeal to them, I break them out to share. Jasmine is my current love, especially because new scientific study has found it as effective as Valium.

Court Artisan Tip: (For some really marvelous indie perfumes, try Babalu Miami.)


Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: Jade Dressler


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Jade Dressler: “I confess…I am A Ritualizer”

Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

this week: The Ritualizer interviews Jade Dressler:


I credit my refined appreciation of goopy deliciousness. (thank you too, Gwyneyth) to every Sunday morning when my Pop would come back from golf with some drippy and gooey Jewish fish item, sending my mother and sister running from the room while Pops and I moaned and groaned on and on about how its deliciousness was the best thing in the whole world.


I touch my hair and imagine it’s a mother or lover touching it, smoothing it, sensing me. This calms me.


My Fuel: Espresso, pumpernickel bagel and protein pumped juice.


Always the same outfit repeated, my long saffron yellow Indian prayer scarf for cocooning, blessed in India by Sharon and David of Jivamukti, Ipod of 1000 songs on shuffle,Dior Eau Savage for its citrus, vetiver and jasmine unisex, a little grey cami top, huge black vintage sunglasses for sleeping, wide leg jeans with my tight black adjustable Adidas hoodie with zippers, pockets and hand coverers for service, pleasure and thank you for flying with us.


My good luck fisherman from the Porte de Clignancourt Marches aux Puces in Paris. I always look at him as I sit at my desk and I just noticed that he has breasts and a pregnant belly with a ribbon it. I just this minute started a ritual to rub his/her belly for good luck.


Anger in others used to make my ego, fever or fear rise. Now I use it as a clue to beam and give love to them…no matter what my mind is saying.


I help bugs and seeds to return to their maker. Once a Katydid flew into my house at 3 am and I gave her a ride outside. Seeds that fall in front of me on the NYC concrete get planted.

8 MY GOOD NIGHT, slow down, relax RITUAL

I never need to be coaxed to sleep, but if I feel wonky over whenever, a huge bowl of rigatoni, goat cheese, garlic, fresh black pepper and chunky sea salt is like a drug to me. We consume together. I am consumed by it and it consumes me and takes me directly to its Leader: my down comforter.


I brought my boyfriend of eight years to me by concentrating every night to a little skrying circle of a blue glass egg, a fresh huge Pink peony from the garden and a candle.

I think Facebook, Janelle Monae and a full stack of steamy curry mussels in a Milanese trattoria are all Love Rituals I shall repeat relentlessly and endlessly (or want to) (publically, that is.)

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: COMMiti ego


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Dame Does Diva

Hello Soul Stylin’ Friends! Hello City Opera Shopping Divas!

So glad to be back, recovered from—and reporting about—our fabulous New York City Opera’s Gala Event, the DIVAS Shop for Opera Event on May 20th. See my City Opera Party Blog here, and I am thrilled to give you a Preview of this!!! my very own blog, The Dame Game!, (full-throttle version, coming soon!) As, always, the Dame loves to tease, so herewith, let me excite you with this juicy, tell-all, romp with New York’s finest, savvy thrift shop shoppers…My Icons of Soul Style.

What an intensive shopping and beauty scene.

Each time I turned around, I was hugging, styling, searching, and sipping with the best dandies, darlings, designers, and dealers around. Dare I drop a few, ahem, names? There were soooo sooo many . . .

E.V. Day, the installation artist who created 3 hanging DIVAS for us, honoring Alexander McQueen with a Madame Butterfly-esque open kimono and black lace leggings…here with Judy Rabinowitz, Moi, E.V. and Christina de Limur …

the funnest writer ever, Cator Sparks, who covered me for Full Frontal Fashion!, with his dear friend and our donor, Rod Keenan, the legendary hat designer to superstars…

Hamish Bowles, European Editor at Large for Vogue magazine, seeing, touching, and buying only the best collectibles, here with Lorry Newhouse, George Steel and Michael Bruno…more on these Icons to come…(see my fave male style icons here and my female icons here!)

the visionary designers three as FOUR interested in creating costumes for City Opera…

Amy Fine Collins, writer and a special correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, who delightfully hard-bargained with me and the powers that be to buy a gorgeous green Ralph Rucci hammered silk ball gown…and you know I love Ralph Rucci, and my newest friend, Ralph’s sister, Rosina Rucci!

Co-chair Michael Bruno, who really enjoyed that I enjoyed selling all the clothes off my back and is brainstorming an event for us with 1st dibs, his stellar, premiere site for antiques, mid-century modern and vintage furniture,jewelry and haute couture fashion. (Can you tell that I have a crush on Michael Bruno?)

My inspiration and genius, Robert Verdi, style expert and TV personality (his new show is Adorable and I loved the Premiere party, see it ! The Robert Verdi Show) shopping with his lovely woman friend who bought the hottest full-length mink—perfect condition, of course, here with me and Jade Dressler, my soulmate and resident genius and my agent along with Kristen Paladino of The Plant.

Our darling Lorry Newhouse, snatching up Prada and other divine ditties along with her husband Mark Newhouse, who is on my best-dressed list for finding designer duds that fit perfectly (I LOVE when men have their soul-stylin’ eye on. LOVE THAT!)

Here I am dancing with Brunhilde, as illustrated by Isabel and Ruben Toledo, one of a motherlode of original illustrations of Opera characters by fascinating fashion world visionaries that were for sale that night.  And, of course, I had a delicious conversation with our George Steel, Artistic Director of New York City Opera who, after I told him he reminds me of my best friend’s brother who went to Choate, admitted his prepster style secret—J. Press. So cool to know that, right?

and ta da!

Now this is a Really a Preview, see for yourselves, all the Opera action, click here darlings for my Divas Shop for Opera Preview video

Want more?  Roland Nivelais, another designer I am in love with…

…pampered me and correctly established me in one of the Shop’s high-quality, vintage furs. He was going for a ravished Grey Gardens look, imagining me on the beach with a surprise hot Eres bathing suit underneath the fur.

Austin Scarlett, with his impeccable skin and style…here entertaining me and my daughter, Phoebe.

Alex McCord, the stylish mom and star of the Real Housewives of New York City…

here with my new friend Delaina Dixon, TV journalist and recent devotee of Soul Styling, and who, exalts, as “Divaness…Delivered” and Fashion Gal, quoted me perfectly, although not as saucy as Cator’s reporting, still captured a bon-mot on how to shop smartly for thrift!

…and some of my favorite behind the scenes LoveBugs….

This is called hug your hairdresser.  Yves Durif of the Carlyle Hotel makes me and so many other gorgeous women…well, gorgeous! He is also one of my male style icons…look at this suit, which he proudly claimed has Brooklyn roots.

The whole evening was heaven . . . a shopper’s dream of retail ecstasy, all assisted by the best volunteer crew imaginable and my amazing team of DIVAS Stylists…behind the scenes creating the looks for some of New York’s best Soul Stylin’ Icons!

DIVAS Soul Stylists: Susanne, The Dame, Cathy, Chica, Linda & Ilene!

Five fab stylin’ beauties who selected and carried frocks and finds, and trudged their tired tootsies all evening long in service to the highest purpose of fashion. And when we were all tuckered out and the lights went down, I took us all out for dinner so that we could chatter and gossip and regale each other with DIVAS stories and our conquests of chicness for our customers. The only people missing from that dinner were Patricia Field and the S&TC2 crew!

As great as this party was, I can even top it off for you because . . .

the Divine DIVAS shopping scene continues at City Opera Thrift Shop!  Vogue Magazine’s “Best Thrift Shop in New York” is open for your Diva-ness!

Yours in Style & Pleasure,

The Dame

New York City Opera Thrift Shop

222 East 23rd Street

New York, NY 10010-4605

(212) 684-5344

Open Weekdays 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm

(photos in this post by Katherine Fairfax Wright, video of Divas by Chunwoo Kae for Plant)

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