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NYC Style Pilgrims: Brian and Richard

COMMiti ego Questionnaire for Creative Teams:

Brian Bennett and Richard Ives

Pilgrims. Handy Pioneers make the best go-to visionaries and this week’s Creative Team, Richard Ives and Brian Bennett of New York’s “Pilgrim” answer the blare of a shofar calling in the style hounds and devoted for a cornicopia of style. (It’s Fall Harvest time…Rosh Hoshana and Thanksgiving is coming…we just had to go there!)

The store is called Pilgrim on the historic Lower East Side, Garmento block of Orchard Street in New York City and the style creds are vast. Richard has been a stylist, art director and designer for the likes of Richard Avedon, Steven Klein, Michael Thompson, and Donna Karan and partner, Brian Bennett, a connoisseur and collector of art and music for most of his life.

Love and passion for the arts and style equals Pilgram, located at 70 Orchard Street in Manhattan. Dive into Richard Ives’ custom collection plus vintage designer runway styles and bijoux from Valentino, Christian LaCroix, Dior, Fendi, KJL Studio, Wendy Gell, JMP Paris, YSL, Ugo Correani, Versace, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Ben Amun, Miriam Haskell, Napier, Ciner, Kramer, Lisner, Guy LaRoche, Claude Montana, Chanel, Dior, Alaia, Krizia and Sonia Rykiel. Here is a link to the lively and active Pilgrim Facebook page and here is what makes them tick as Creative Partners.

1. how do you access your creative?

Brian: I try to meditate daily, I try to do creative thinking during my morning walk with my dogs — which is every morning.

Richard: I don’t even think about it, just a part of my thought mechanism. it’s not like I sit down and say to myself: “be creative now”. lol. It’s like someone who is good at math or basketball, it just happens.

2. how do you transform fear and disdain into brilliance + partnership + productivity?

Brian: I think creative things often come from a place of fear which is kind of a paradox as I try not to live in fear and try to live in the present.  I don’t think that makes much sense, but creative brilliance often comes for tapping into searching for one’s sense of self.

Richard:. The fear is of being”found out,” that you really aren’t talented and you have to stay one step ahead of everyone so they don’t discover this. lol. It keeps me motivated.

3. what have you realized about yourself as a result of creative partnerships?

Brian: I’ve been in creative partnerships my whole adult life.  I can’t imagine doing it alone.  I don’t think great things come from doing it on your own.  Everything that is magnificent is always a collaboration, but it’s never easy–negotiating your ideas vs. their ideas–there is often conflict, and conflict resolution is not easy until you reach the resolution.

Richard: I’m a control freak, but I still need input and ideas and critique in order to grow and produce.

Brian and Richard’s collaborative creative / partnership ritual.

Brian: Richard usually buys the fabrics before anything. Richard then usually asks my opinion about what I think.  Usually he has an idea right off the bat — that is usually great.  I sometimes offer my advice about changing it here or there, or what dress, top or pant it should be done with.  We often talk about what’s going on every day in the world of fashion, design, music, the news, everything is an influence. Even the subway ride over to work.  Sometimes I’ll see something that I’ll share that I loved someone’s look on the subway.  It just evolves from there into long conversations…LOL.

Richard: As Brian stated, fabric selection is a major factor in our collaboration. I pick something and then we discuss the possibilities or the limitations. It has become our design ritual.

Court Artisan: Jade Dressler


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james mathers artist. ritualized

This week, The Ritualizer astral travels and grounds in the rituals that are the essence of artist and philosopher, James Mathers.

James is the real deal, an articulate, sensitive, differentiated independent and realized creative, mastered in many mediums. He continues to playfully enjoy counter culture and petri dish commercialism.  He is both misunderstood and enjoyed by many.

I first met James about a year before his first one man show in New York, a full page ‘non paid’ profile in Warhol’s Interview Magazine which was followed up by the famous ‘Roses Lime Juice’ ad. ((google it))

Here is a tasting of some of rituals that James shared with me:


Well,  wherever I am when I wake up, which could be anywhere, I look for something broken or chipped or cracked or incomplete because that’s a sign.

Then I find my gratitude.


For me the challenge is to stay in my body and not out of it so my travel ritual is to sense and feel my feet or one foot.

Children seem to do this instinctively, so with practice – observation and many crayons to paper, this ritual is now illustrated with suggested directive guidance in my book so anyone of any age can practice this ritual.


Always happens when making contact and connection while putting the crayon to paper.
This takes me back to when I was a kid and did this very complicated drawing of a boat.
My mother put the picture of the boat on the refrigerator and I was instantly famous. This was my first taste of notoriety and I’ve had a crayon in my pocket ever since.


My nature ritual involves running water, whether it’s a river, stream or non specific muck running down the sewer.
First, I go to the downside, I speak to the spirit, and say thank you for everything I have ever lost from my teeth, my art, my love, my time, my youth and then I go to the upstream side of the stream and I say thank you for everything that is coming and welcome, often the same things that I have lost in addition to a few wonderful surprises that may come and my own inevitable annihilation.

This way I feel myself as a window or a membrane and this to me feels very empowering.


My giving ritual is that when I give, I immediately forget that I have given anything to anybody and loose track utterly of that account. Therefore, my giving ritual is also my forgetting ritual.

Court Artisan Tip: Perhaps you may already astral travel and not know that, this is what you are/have been doing. James’s graphic novel will provide step by step directives that are supported with clear and playfull illustrations. Expect some adventure, discovery and welcome the un-ravel to access big mind and your higher self by way of astral travel.


Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: Kelly Lebwith

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