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Man-Hattan Musings

To be male in Man-Hattan is uber-exquisite. It’s a testosterone-tinged town teeming with tweeters, tweakers and twisted dreamers. Men from all over the world pounce on the city rabid for more—more sex, food, power, fashion. And we find it. Each month, I’ll share some of the best I’ve tumbled upon. With New York Fall Fashion Week fast approaching, let me share a few final late summer musts.

August into September is Manhattan’s most sensual time. The heat peaks and the flesh quotient soars. My favorite people-watching perch is at The Roasting Plant at Greenwich and 7th Avenue in the West Village. The coffee is amazing—they roast the
beans and brew it cup by cup—but the front of store street runway bench is the real draw. Within a half hour you’ll see leggy teen girl fashion models, city celebs (John Cameron Mitchell, Phillip Seymour Hoffman at my last stop) and Chelsea boys with bodies as
hard as my Mastercard. Speaking of stunning physiques: take a peek at the door boys at California style hut, Hollister at Houston and Broadway. Yummy.

Grab a martini at the Metropolitan Museum’s Roof Garden on a Friday night. Chic view, fun crowd, classic Man-Hattan and the rooftop’s Big Bambu installation by Mike and Doug Starn is up until October. And quite a few eligible bachelors if you’re hunting, ladies. Also, the film series at the Bryant Park outdoor cinema may have ended but September weather is still fine for taking an outdoor yoga class or listening to some piano concerts. Hint: skip the maddening crowd on the Bryant Park lawn. Sit at one of the chic little tables on the raised area behind and eavesdrop as film industry regulars hang and chat. You might score an agent for that screenplay you wrote. Plus, make sure to upload the song of the summer into Fall (sorry Katie Perry and Kelis) Kylie Minogue’s ‘All the Lovers’, the Wawa Mmb anthem remix. I discovered the song while swimming in a sea of men at the Boat Slip tea dance in Provincetown July 4.

Finally, what really electrifies me about this city, is the melting pot mix of fabulous urbanites. Spotted this month at the fountain in front of the delectable Time Warner Mall: A gaggle of gorgeous gal cougars, heeled and hip, on their way to Bergdorf Goodman, were stopped momentarily by a group of young boys from the Bronx who were dipping into the fountain, one of them momentarily nude.

“Look at me lady” he screamed. And they did.

See you next month when I’ll report on Fashion’s Night Out, Sept. 10

Court Artisan: Scott Alexander Hess


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