Soul Styling

We all desire a joyful relationship to life. In my experience, this relationship can gently and sensually unfold as we connect to and value beauty, style, color, touch, and movement. Through Soul Styling, we uncover the essential life force spirit within each of us (women and men) that is immortal and intangible . . . this inspires our desire to adore and adorn ourselves with pleasure, and thus our worlds and our lives expand in unimaginable ways.


Would you like to know and own your styling vision, your beauty, your body before you ever set foot in a shop? Let the Dame become your personal stylist for your soul! You know that amazingly chic and hot vision of yourself that you have been wanting to meet all your life? Well, that is your Soul Style waiting to be introduced to you!

You will learn:

  • How to discover and explore your personal Soul Style statement and instantly integrate it into your closet today.
  • How to feel completely inspired about creating your chic styling plan and conjuring the most perfect pieces for you, oh so pleasurably—regardless of your clothing allowance or lack thereof. Think way beyond Bergdorf’s . . . or not!
  • How to discern what pieces and looks will turn you on and fill you with confidence every time you open your door and step out into the world. Enjoy the experience of loving your new Soul Style and the feeling of gratification when you actually become that amazingly chic and hot vision you only dreamed of!


· A 1-hour in-person session to create your Soul Style

· A 2-hour on-site visit to tour your closet temple

· A 3-hour guided conjuring/styling/shopping adventure

· Consultations via Skype or phone

Do you live far from New York City? I love virtual Soul Styling sessions/self photographs. We can design a program where you take a pictures of your outfits and I can consult and advise you!

Customized styling and consultation packages are also available.


How to dress for success! As they say, you get one chance to make an impression. In business, so much rides on the presentation and communication of confidence, trust, and value. It is proven that company branding becomes stronger through strong employee style and presentation.

Dame Lori coaches:

  • How to insure that executives and staff communicate the style reflective of the company’s mission, goals, and business philosophy.
  • How to develop recently promoted staff so their wardrobe is reflective of their new position and responsibilities.
  • How to get a new team unified through style and presentation for motivation, confidence, and performance.
  • How to successfully navigate a new and unfamiliar dress code if you are an executive with a new job in a new field.



Brand and style consultation on uniform and wardrobe branding for hospitality, service and fashion industries

  • Programs for Individuals
  • ·  A 1 hour in-person individual executive coaching session
  • · A 2-hour on-site closet consultation
  • · A 3-hour guided conjuring/styling/shopping adventure
  • · Consultations via Skype or phone
  • Team
  • 1 to 3-hour Training and style coaching workshop sessions

Customized styling and consultation packages are also available. Please contact us.

The Dame Email:

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