Dame Lori’s Luscious Ladies, Icons of Soul Style!

For me, there are thousands of luscious ladies who possess the tantalizing yet intangible quality of Soul Style. Instantly capturing my attention, my passion, my fascination, my awe, my lust, my heartbeat’s throbbing all the way down to my toes, and the electrifying connection that another woman can inspire—this all gives voice to my own secret truthful desires and eternal yearning to be glorious and genius with my undiscovered (yet righteously my own) future personal style.

Welcome to My First Layin’ It Down with the Ladies of Soul Style . . . My Icons Lexicon A-Z




Soul Styling kudos to a walking vision of “grab it off her body beauty and booty.” Find this shoe designer, humanitarian, mother, and ultra-hot and divine writer on 1st dibs. (This photo snapped by pal Lisa Eisner.)




A very important muse and inspiration for The Dame. Amanda passionately gathers and shares her extraordinary turned-on knowledge about personal style with the world. Oh, the privilege, the beauty, and the gift to share it so generously with all who grasp for style straws. Mother, socialite, married to a hot man . . . Amanda wants you to enthusiastically work your multi-personalities when it comes to expressing yourself through your daily wardrobe decisions. I quite agree.




Simply DIVINE—one of her favorite words and one of mine. A great lover and humanitarian who can dress down and consciously fade out or stand tall and magnetic, with her mega wattage beauty and bravery. Her fundraising finesse inspires every woman to conjure massive funding sources . . . she created the New York Restoration Project and greened NYC when green was just a color.




Continuously re-branded by her own individuality and undeniable talent. The Dame requests a creative playdate with this inimitable Icon. I still can’t shake “Björk the Stork” . . . an amazing design element which set a new standard for high-fashion Soul Style.





Tell me something good! After seeing this photo, The Dame considered changing her name! Laying low . . . laying down . . . any which way, any position in which to stand, grounded in our brilliance.


A Dame favorite, Clair is a mentor, former creative director of the New York City Opera, and current curator for clients like 1st dibs.com, museums, auction houses, and the top heavies in the secret world of vintage couture. She revolutionized the art of vintage couture, lifting it to cult collector status, and she spearheads the search for individual adornment through her intellectual and uncanny pursuit of style, both of the moment and ahead of her time. Plus, any woman who can wear a paper hat and look fabulously chic and outrageously understated is forever a Soul Style sister.

So, there’s the obvious . . . duh! Stunning, soft-spoken, and perceived as walking on the wild side, by most—a magical combination. “It’s not about doing it for your lover . . . it’s about embracing womanhood,” she says. Ms. Von Teese is a divine goddess leader in self-indulgent adoration of the highest and holiest order. Let this be a lesson to which we all surrender so that we may all get teesed in our best boudoir this year.


This creative and catalytic entrepreneur’s Soul is Styled by her passion and commitment to anything she puts her heart into. And her mission to style a woman for sensual comfort will always break through to all of us overworked, time-deprived, chic-hungry hotties.




Laying it down for those who seek the essence of truth! Listen to her while wearing a turban and a voluminous caftan and you will channel the queen of neo-soul.

“Art is my religion. You don’t see the head wraps anymore because I am the head wrap.” Oh, how I love a woman who changes her mind!




Existential surrealist by way of being. Though she lived in pain in her body for most of her life, her presence and power lives on long after her physical death. Her suffering created art that inspires with its self-appointed Icon aura. A woman who paints herself owns herself.




Steamy, stylish, larger than life. You would never deduce she was a petite, because Grace turns up the drama to 11 from head to toe, La Vie en Rose as you pull up to the bumper in or out of the nightclub.


A counter-cultural—at the counter at Tiffany’s, out all night, a love/hate relationship with her cat and her bulky knitting hobby. But it is her quest for love that will always remain a tender spot in my heart . . . as we trip the night and day fantastic and stumble home with our open hearts and bare feet.




A Soul Style divine goddess who is in love with her partner, her life, her art—never compromising with a damn thing that gets in her way. She is in an Icon category all her own, grounding herself in the pursuit of pleasure and an intimate knowledge of the self-respect necessary for a gracious life.




A free spirit who innocently led a movement and screamin’ Soul Style that will live forever.




I lie down at her Soul Styled feet to pet her pet and smooth her satins, in awe of Princesse Tam Tam and the mother to the world’s first Rainbow Tribe.



O yeah! Celebrate your inner indigenous and share the freedom act of creative ecstasy.

LENA HORNE (1917 – 2010)

Civil rights activist, actress, singer. An Icon in action through living and breaking down barriers. “I don’t have to be an imitation of a white woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I’d become. I’m me, and I’m like nobody else.”


Wrapped in couture or her own wristlet inventions, Lorry is a patron of the arts and culture, and she is art in and of herself. Her passion for thrift and vintage amidst her privileged status forever elevated my understanding that a woman with a true love for style can find inspiration wherever she is, in places both high and low.



Corset for the hourglass. The house of Cadolle paved the way from horsehair corsets to custom made-to-measure frothy French lace bras that retired the over-the-shoulder boulder-holder. But the ties that bind remind . . . the corset is still a favorite foundation of disciplinary art.




Knit one, pearl two with a mix of psychodelica. The lineage of Missoni carries on through their designs in hotels, home furnishings, and retail stores. A family filled with lineage and legacy AND still turning us on in a luscious sharing of  their Soul Style. Thank you, Sisters!




Angel of the Morning, come by here. What could be more sensual than cherry red, ankle-draping silk satin charmeuse? Please let me know.


Disarming style, this one! Androgyny! Tomboy sexy, she turns heads with clothes that send conflicting messages, such as her hippy-dippy dress with a  baseball cap. She’s having fun so we are, too, gazing upon her!


These twin sisters, or, as they prefer, the “individual pair,” have set new standards of style with their penchant for knowing what turns them on and then Starbucking it to the fullest TOGETHER. I am stupefied that their destiny is this path of sharing their secrets, their desires, and their odd, highly original ways with the world.


Outrageous East Village NYC 8th Street Shop to Hollywood blockbuster. The Dame loves superstar style coupled with generosity, and Pat is gloriously generous in sharing her knowledge of cheap superstar chic so freely with the universe. City Opera’s co-chair of the Divas Shop for Opera event for the past four years, this chick loves to get her hand on a hanger and work it.


The patron saint of cool, and a style facilitator who made the wife-beater a wardrobe staple. The Dame loves her creative implementation and poetic interpretations of style through deeply loved, profound, and intimately personal possessions.


She has it all . . . she rules her queendom and shares it with love and humor and her remarkable way with wealth.




S/He is having FUN FUN FUN! S/he put the OUT in outrageous and showed us how to be a daily DIVA, glorious in our beauty.




Shien Lee is a party hostess in the grand NYC tradition of such luminaries as Pat Field, Dianne Brill, and Susanne Bartsch. She takes up the reins and throws down both vice and glamour very nice.




A matron saint of my philosophy that every woman should have a master portrait of a goddess in her home. Just look at her go . . . Dame Loren with a grande dame portrait of Mother Mary above her bed!

Her personal style primer includes having something red near her all the time. Chi is a-flowing!




Finding happiness in Pringle’s ad campaigns, life in Scotland, and mesmerizing performances and style! She can put on a sack and it will sell out. Now that is a gift to behold.




Intellect galore as she enjoys her femininity through humor, finesse, and sword-wielding discipline. In such a woman, The Dame reverently delights! (I’ve also heard that chanting “Uma” three times every day will save your soul.)



Extraordinarily independent, an intuitive divining rod through which excellence is channeled, as she shows us all how to fly our own freak flags with panache. Thank you, Ms. Westwood, for being a Soul Style heroine: defiant, rebellious, and brave enough to buck the system and open my mind.




Cult classic diva and tribute to the lure of the opera, which the Dame loves and supports.


The Dame loves identifying with Xena and other warrior goddesses who demonstrate badass conviction and truth in a breastplate bodice. Get ‘er done . . . no question about it.




The Inca princess. The queen of exotic. Along with her five-octave vocal range, she possesses the quintessential air of adornment and attitude.




English-born high priestess of glamour meets extraterrestrial temptress. The Dame loves a creative force of the universe, and she was blessed to work with Ms. Rhodes and wear one of her hand-painted caftan tops with hot pants and fishnets for a mambo dance performance in the Poconos. If you beg me on The Dame Game on Facebook, I may send you a video of this rare performance.

Desire to be a Soul Style Icon yourself? Talk To The Dame.


5 responses to “Dame Lori’s Luscious Ladies, Icons of Soul Style!

  1. Susan

    Hi Gorgeous! I would so love to see you write a book that expands on that you did here!


  2. Meryl Ranzer

    I would certainly put you on my list as one of the most stylish women in NYC.

  3. Love this!!
    What a great tribute. Sophie Loren and Bjork!!
    Too, too wonderful to have those connections made, links in the lineage.

    you MUST read Maureen Dowd’s piece on Holly GoL vs. Mad Men’s January Jones….

    • Hi Ilene, I was driven to read the Maureen Dowd piece. I usually LOVE her and I am certainly known for my own winding diatribes on culture and style but this one had me reeling in confusion. For one thing it certainly shone a light on our fascination with creatures of beauty, even as they engage in the oldest of professions or stereotypes. What is it about this is comforting to us, I wonder? The ability to render power through beauty is our birthright as women, and thankfully even with these popular depictions I think owning that is all that is required. I explore some of the other fun mystiques, such as The Hystericals, The Milkers, The Teasers, etc. we embody here as gals…you might enjoy: http://jadedressler.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/suddenly-feminique-mystique/

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