Dame Lori’s Favorite Soul Style Male Icons!

Oh, how I love men . . . oh, how I love men who serve, seduce, and share their love for women and mankind. Oh, how I love a man who can create so much love for a woman that all women can feel it, or a man who loves to produce goodness, graciousness, generosity, grandeur, and gorgeousness . . . all qualities that inspire a woman, man, animal to breathe with more joy in their daily lives. This is what solidifies a man in my eyes as a Soul Style Male Icon.

Welcome to My First Layin’ It Down with the Men of Soul Style . . . My Icons Lexicon A-Z

ANDRE 3000

The color, the dandy . . . Andre has been playing with fashion since he was in high school, and his look is a delight to The Dame! Any dude that can pull off a grass-green polka dot bow tie and still look sexy has a permanent spot in my Soul Style book!


The Southern charm essence of a fine gentleman, a clothing designer who stepped out of Tara in Gone With the Wind to serve us with beauty, charm, and grace, draping and adorning women as well as men with love and his own bespoke neckwear, for a new era of originality.


Free your mind and your ass will follow. Spiritual love medicine from the guru. It’s a beautiful way to live.


White hot is master naval architect and Dame Icon Bruce Farr, whose middle name should be Fun. A yacht design rock star reputed to be one of the most successful sailing and racing yacht designers in the world. Professional and amateur sailors prefer Farr designs for a range of vessels, from Farr 40 racing boats t0 monster-sized luxury yachts. Those octagon wire frames see and say a lot.


Dame dandy candy! Blogger brilliante! Social commentator with pleasurable panache! It’s all about the detailing, darlings, and his tongue in chic is steeped in love . . . and oh, what sweet, sassy, Southern style! The only way to pad about upon a renovated Harlem manse-pad’s Aubusson rugs is in a cozily fabulous pair of Stubbs!


This master parfumeur may be shy but his worldwide reputation (he created Angel and tons of other top perfumes) has given him a sensuous eye for color and individual style that makes The Dame want to pop on a Gaultier and cavort with this Parisian darling!


Iconic observation at its finest. Dean Tavoularis is twentieth-century style created for Bonnie and Clyde and Coppola’s The Godfather. His multidimensional designs and precise backgrounds evoking both particular historical moments and changing moods, along with masterful handling of a subdued color range and a sophisticated, subtle, and revealing use of detail, all put Tavoularis at the Soul Styling top, setting the bar for his profession.


Salute indeed, Duke! His tone-on-tone textural nattiness is Papa Royalty perfect!


Don’t even think of parking here and Don’t block the box were bullet-point short-speak and not a reference to ‘c’ blocking.
The Dame salutes this Style Icon for his pointed and direct approach, which New Yorkers understand, appreciate, and respond to. Koch is Soul Style-famous for both hosting SNL and making sure his beloved New Yorkers had a good night’s sleep (if they chose to) by making sure commercial trucks only operated during business hours.


Darling Fred is a self-titled “Pleasure Activist” who leads sensuous culinary and operatic tours and trips to Italy with the Smithsonian. And honey, you know me and orange scarves . . . Fred, I will follow you anywhere! (Style tip: strong color on men is so Wow!)


Pleasure in great design, positioned in public space. Happy happy joy joy! Lots of amazing edifices as visionary sculptures that start with a line, developing into a hard-to-draw shape which then requests translation through a computer program and a logic board.

DENNIS HOPPER (1936 – 2010)

As star and director of Easy Rider, an artist represented by LA’s Ace Gallery, and a passionate lover of outrageousness, Dennis Hopper was an open and notorious cultural Icon and a rebel with a cause that will continue to influence multiple generations. The ultimate in eternal cool.


The Dame loves this man for his artistry, his humor, his humility, and his multifaceted ways to entertain women, men, and animals. He has inspired me to learn more about the craft of entertaining with style in a very loud-mouthed way. I love you, Isaac!


The Unknown Hipster traipses from Bali to Barney’s bags to Kaiser Karl’s side to convos with the famous coyote in Central Park, and if you are lucky to meet him sans beard, glasses, and Jimi Hendrix hat, you will love his soft-spoken style and his gorgeous wife. (The woman above is not his wife, but the lovely Lorry Newhouse, one of our Lady Soul Style Icons!)


Abbott Kinney-based and Jamaican born, Soul Style Icon, Sean Knibb is landscape design’s very cool leading man! The Dame loves fragrant flowers and native grasses for sustainable inspiration. Layered with tall trees, fluffed with space, and grounded in adaptive re-use with the upcoming launch of SK1 furniture, all are eyes on this Icon.


As the editorial director of all Condé Nast Publications, this artist transmitted style and knowledge through his magical rods and cones.

He set innovative standards for style. Case in point: the family photo above, taken by Irving Penn. His sculptures and paintings, housed in some of the world’s most prestigious museum collections, carry his legendary art direction into another medium, while his public sculpture can be seen in over forty cities around the world. A Dame Icon in the house!


Portobello Road, Paris flea markets, eBay, and then what’s next? Michael Bruno, with his brilliant creation, 1st dibs, connecting designers with dealers en un instant! Design a Room . . . en un instant! Dress in vintage couture! Thank this man for giving us all time and space for a proper holiday! And how dashing a dude he is . . . I look like a newly wedded bride in this photo, thanks to another one of Michael’s gifts—he’s a flirtatious phenom.


An artist who is seamlessly and continuously commissioned by divas whose first names say it all: Blondie, Cher, Dita, Dolly, Madonna, Fergie, Gaga, Grace, Ozzy, Rihanna, and Tina.

From gypsy ethereal bubbles and baubles to acid queen hardcore metallica, The Dame adores Michael‘s individual talent and style, which muses and amuses as the soul expresses.


I love a saucy, sexy Frenchman who looks like he just stepped off a yacht in Capri to sweep me away from the daily drama of life. Whether it is in a Grey Garden or at the Grand Hotel, this divine designer knows how to wink at a lusty lass to make her feel gorgeous and hot!


Wilde man! Creativo-fluent in French, German, and Middle English, this high IQ’d and highly reputable intellectual-Libra-Irish-poet and prominent aesthete makes this Dame’s super-sexy physically immortal Icon list.


Talent, perspective, and checkmate style in presentation, from an intimate home-cooked meal to playing universal muse through his presence in Sofia Copolla’s film “Marie Antoinette” to serving as creative director of the Sunset Tower Hotel, this Icon is the real deal.


Godard’s eternally gone wrong bad boy in Breathless—in the sexiest, smokiest way. How can you not love a murderer on the run who is in love with a character played by Jean Seberg, one of the greatest gasps of gorgeousness of the twentieth century? I must start a whole column on the sexiest deranged men of all time.


A man whose middle name is “Delight,” who gave “900 projects at age 74” as his reason for turning down a Michael Jackson project after already producing “Thriller” (an all-time hit), this is also a man married to Dame-worthy women from Peggy Lipton to Nastassja Kinski, placing him firmly in The Dame’s Soul Style Hall of Fame.


The resourceful grandfather of the golden Pucci family inspired and implemented creativity for all, and Ralph Pucci has carried on this legacy, succeeding in his quest to avoid one-dimensionality.

Pucci’s showrooms house the sexiest lines, and he throws down the best parties in town during Design Week (where, if you attend, you will see a room packed with top-tier talent).


Looking at a Ralph Rucci garment is like experiencing a spiritual transformation of style entering your body and never leaving. The power of his creative prayers living and breathing on women is disturbing in its impact—its ability to cause such beauty on a body—which is why Mr. Rucci is the only American to show at the Paris couture shows since Mainbocher in the 1930s. A living legend.


Robert is a stylin’ Dame Icon with his signature sunglasses positioning intended for the obvious outdoors and indoors for a very bright crown chakra. And his ability to be adorably transparent in his quest for stardom . . . I LOVE THIS QUALITY!


Like The Dame herself, Ruben and his wife Isabel (they rarely photo or breathe apart), are creatives who have fully explored fundraising as an art. The Toledos raise over $1M annually for Otis scholarships. A breed apart and an Icon couple who exude creativity, Cubanissimo, and love.


iPod touch—iMac—iPhone—iLife – i choose it – i can and want to afford it. Passion expressed through the tools to discover and implement being of service in the world, empowering you and your life while at the same time creating more freedom which =’s pleasure. Iconic lifestyle genius.


Engaged Buddhism promotes an individual’s active role in creating change in their life. In the now. In the back then, after arriving in the US  in 1960, Thich Naht Hahn studied comparative religion at Princeton and then returned to Vietnam to support fellow monks in their nonviolent peace efforts. He has evolved into a peaceful pleasure Icon whose wisdom we can all access via digital download or in person during his worldwide tours or his  main monastery in Bordeaux, France . . . a Monk most diverse—a must for The Dame!


A master player of all kinds: a recording artist entering his fourth decade of music, and an activist angel who knows his power, promises to use it, and delivers. And what a rare treat in this photo to see even one of those soulful eyes, usually obscured by trademark shades.


Considered by the best to be one of the most important furniture designers of the twentieth century, this dude is still going strong after six decades designing the sexiest stuff—all an ode to a woman’s body, I believe. Thank You, Vladimir. You are a natural force of love and honor to women, who adore your gruffness amidst the deep sensuality you promise us.


Oh, there is too much to say about this beloved specimen of style . . . a rarefied man who celebrates beauty by directing awkward and unconventional souls, and who personifies “pencil thin” sexy with a black Maybelline eyeliner pencil. Thank you, Mother & Father Waters, for funding your son’s films de force. You changed my life and allowed me to approve of my own fringe elemental lifestyle with a frisky delight.


Another bad boy soul who slays me with his down and dirty ways, whether it is his weathered character in “Californication” or his public lifestyle that imitates his art. I love how he walks that very fine line between truth and lies . . . makes me want to take to the dark side of the road on a joy ride with him!


Iconic fashion label Icons take risks. They understand cycles. Their creations are timeless because creativity is never bound by a clock. This Dame Icon requires no further explanation (except in private, because he reminds The Dame of one of her first boyfriends, Harry).


A charming, talented master of the scissors and native of France, Yves Durif peaked at success at the tender age of 17 and never looked back, and he’s sustained his spot at the top by garnering the trust and loyalty of a discerning pool of clientele ranging from global style-setters, CEO’s, socialites, celebrities, and artists to elegant Upper East Siders—including The Dame. Yves has been cutting Vanity Fair writer, Amy Fine Collins’s hair for 22 years! Next to Bobby Short and Eartha Kitt, this man is the best act to hit NYC’s Carlyle Hotel!


“Freaking Out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress, and social etiquette in order to express creatively, his relationship to his immediate environment and the social structure as a whole.”

Eternal pleasure via this truth and First Amendment champion.

Do you Desire to Attain Soul Style Icon Status? Talk To The Dame.

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  1. Cynthia

    I’m almost breathless…the exquisite men who made this list! Honey, you have excellent taste!

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