About The Dame Game

I love games. I remember learning how to play gin rummy at age 7 and sitting outside of my grandparents’ bedroom at 6 am, waiting for them to wake up and play. Recently I was at my daughter’s school’s annual fundraiser and the beautiful woman next to me was bidding vigorously on the live auction and, when she won, she turned to me and told me “I play to win.”

As startled as I was when she bluntly confessed that, I also got it. I played to win gin at a ripe young age and I still love to. I have been very inspired by a different kind of game . . . The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. This Grande Dame wrote this small but bountiful book  in 1925 and it has changed millions of lives, including mine. So with this mighty inspiration in mind, I have created The Dame Game, filled with content reflecting my impressions on life surrendering to Soul Style: the who, what, where, how, and when of being adored and adorned through humanity, beauty, love, and service.  Everyone can play to win in The Dame Game.

My Icons of Soul Style are people who are phenomonal forces who move, shake, and most importantly, turn me on to desire and learn new Rules of the Game. (If you haven’t seen this fanciful flick on pleasantries and manners by Jean Renoir (1939), please do . . . one of the top cinematic miracles in film history.)

In my weekly series of Soul Styling Snapshots, I give you a glimpse of the people and things that make me swoon in the daily pursuit of beauty, love, and service. And my best, brightest, highest, hottest, most favorite muses will share their sweet secrets with you.

I am grateful that I have the rest of my game of life to live because my list is endless and eternal. Please share it with me and enjoy!

P.S. As I am finishing this up, my 8-year-old daughter, Phoebe, just approached me and invited me to play the Game of Life on her iTouch. I swear! I will let you know how I win with this. Mighty challenging with an expert . . . but then, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yours In Adoration,

The Dame

One response to “About The Dame Game

  1. Queen Anne

    Dame, this is delicious and soulful! I love your writing, your ideas, your creation right down to conjuring the Game of Life with Phoebe, literally! Much love on this new chapter in the movie of your life..

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