Newbie Seductresses: is Loving The Dame

What if you are new to this whole seduction game and nervous…what advice is there for Newbie Seductresses?

Writer Melissa Chapman asked just that recently of Dame Lori for the site

The best kind of seductress is the newbie,” says Dame Lori, a pleasure expert who has studied with the world’s experts and worked with thousands of men and women, teaching them to express themselves with sex and seduction. “Newbie seductresses possess the innocence of a newborn learning to walk and how adorable is that? You can’t help but giggle at the stumbles, the fumbles, the grasping and oh, yeah, the falls!

According to Dame Lori, the more you approve of and enjoy that shy, virginal, vulnerable, blushing and terrified part of you… the hotter, sexier, cuter and more precious you will be to your man.

“I am not a fan of ‘getting over’ anything in life, I have found it to be more pleasurable when I am in agreement with my shyness and embarrassment,” says Dame Lori. “Celebrate your adorable shyness and the awkwardness of blushing. It will lead the way to having more fun.”

Dame Lori also notes that although seduction is always seen as doing something sexual or naughty, for the most part during the day, it is neither. In fact Dame Lori says she uses it as a serious communication tool all day long  to engage with others.

and just what are these tips?

for more see the whole thing, click here:


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One response to “Newbie Seductresses: is Loving The Dame

  1. karen

    ‘have been married too long and fantasize about making love with a secret admirer. My shyness and fidelity prevents me from an exchange that could be very natural….. I agree that laughing and candid romance could encourage a sensual encounter or intimate affair…

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