The Other Big O

When I mean “big”, I mean profound, earth shattering, mind-boggling; love after initial contact, desperation if you fear you may only encounter it once, willing to spend for it… You get the picture.

The O in mention is Olio Lusso, the beauty elixir extraordinaire created by the fabulous divina, famed stylist, former model, Linda Rodin.  This product is life changing.  I have always fantasized about doing my beauty regime with one bottle that does it all.  The Olio Lusso Face oil is as close as I’ve ever come to realizing this dream.  As a true believer of less-is-more, Olio Lusso is a blend of eleven rare and exotic essential oils into a brew that creates the most supple, glowing, hydrated and loved looking skin ever.  Us lucky followers are thrilled that there’s an Olio Lusso blend for the face and also one for the body (since we were using the face oil for both – oh precious little drops…) with a hair oil – oh joy – coming in September.  A few drops of this heavenly-scented witches brew will make you think twice about what you put on your body.

And if Ms. Rodin is any example of what it can do, I’d like this auto-shipped forever.

Linda Rodin

Court Artisan: Michelle Barge

Image Credit: Keirnan Monaghan



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2 responses to “The Other Big O

  1. This is such a fun post. I looked at the picture and was stunned to realize that the quirky, gorgeous woman I see at my local cafe almost every day is in fact Linda Rodin! I had no idea who she was until this very moment but I have always been quite struck by her when I see her. Now I know why!

  2. Kate, loved your comment, this is so cool and I would love to know if you speak to Linda. Michelle, brava, the world is calling and desires more of your beauty secrets and shinings.

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