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COMM-iti-ego explores the creative process and relationships within design and collaborative ventures with three key questions.

This week we interview creative master herbalist, Desiree Romero, a co-creator behind Tonix Botanicals.

1. how do you access your creative?

Something unexpected happens in my life, edging a positive or negative affect.

After meditating on the intent of the situation, a project or business may transform, provided it will help and support many people. Moving through the movement in forming a creative collective I found the properties of my herbal formulas required more potent heart opening herbs within each specific herbal formula to nurture and heal all the vital relationships within the body.

Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, encouraged the concept and components of the 5 formulas, so we symbiotically inspired one another. Not knowing why, people were drawn to them and they sold out.

Sexy, Beauty, Serene, Karmic Leap, Vital Energy = 5 formulas, ideal for elixirs.

2. How do you transform fear and disdain into brilliance + partnership + productivity?

‘I love, I can love, to love, because I hate, because I love’ as Dennis Hopper brilliantly ad-libbed in the Director’s Cut of the Henry Jaglom film, Tracks.

3. what have you realized about yourself as a result of creative partnerships?
With the strength of my partners husband Garry and Chris Lyans and as the ‘love hub team’ we venture into new projects, only those, that make us happy.

Reishi, the mushroom of immortality only grows in the mountains, forests or in cultivation. For some reason it started growing in our backyard after my two inspired/ing mentors past. Last year after the death of David Carradine, in June, then re-appeared as Dennis Hopper was dying. Now it is sporing, a creative collective of it’s own.

I woke up this morning, loving my life, knowing we are helping so many people by making and providing the coconut water kefir.

Court Artisan: Kelly Lebwith



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2 responses to “probiotic botanical luv hub

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  2. Kelly, thank you for the introduction to Desiree. Where can we get Tonix in NYC or is online the best? I volunteer as a sporer here;-)

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