Lucy Raubertas: I Confess! I am a Ritualizer!

This week, The Ritualizer probes the rituals of the really lovely Lucy Raubertas of the lush and informative blog, Indie Perfumes, “Perfume and desideratum in Brooklyn.” You just have to be the definition of lovely to write passionately and originally about indie perfumes. Lucy is like a modern fairy in a hip, literary-sexy, Euro-Brooklyn babe’s body. Here are some of her rituals:


As soon as I wake up, Dante, my Italian Greyhound comes over and wags around happy to be alive, so the custom has been well established that he is to be petted as much as he wants first thing in the morning.


After reading up on whatever favorite artist or writer I know of from that region, I try to map out walks ahead of time, if possible finding some scene from the stories or paintings such as those at Rubin Museum in New York, where I recently went to “The Smell of Ecstasy.


Music always gets me inspired, I let the particular kind just arise out of the vast array and grab me.


Every morning I go to the window and I look out at the sky and let the quality of the light and the weather fill my eyes. I can then feel what the day will be like, though not what will happen, more like figuring out what the day’s internal theme will be.


I carry a number of perfume samples with me so when there is a moment and I know I have something truly wonderful on me that I think would appeal to them, I break them out to share. Jasmine is my current love, especially because new scientific study has found it as effective as Valium.

Court Artisan Tip: (For some really marvelous indie perfumes, try Babalu Miami.)


Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: Jade Dressler



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4 responses to “Lucy Raubertas: I Confess! I am a Ritualizer!

  1. Jade, thank you for such gracious and graceful words – your invitation to define and share my personal routines as rituals of pleasure has sharpened my delight in them all the more.

  2. JoanElaine

    I just found your blog through Indieperfumes on twitter. This questionnaire is very interesting and I look forward to reading further “Ritualizer Nine” responses. Thanks!

  3. Lucy, my pleasure. I read last night in William Power’s excellent book, 12 X 12, ( where he mentioned the term “wildcrafters” to explain people on the creative edge who push out new worlds of reality, touching and inspiring truth through their acts. Your passion for scents, a primal, yet diminished and scarcely explored sense, makes you a Wildcrafter in my world. I invite more wildcrafting for All. thank u.

  4. Hi Joan Elaine, so happy you enjoyed! Even asking yourself the questions is a random act of Appreciation. (a stone in the lake for self and rippling outward)

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