My Debut!

I  begin with Debut, a precious retail store on 298 Mulberry St,  in NYC, created and owned by a very lovely woman; Lisa Weiss. I met her at my Divas Shop For Opera event and I knew that I had found a fashion comrade. This store defines pure Soul Style essence….devoted to honoring a woman’s desire for individuality and celebrating designers (housed as artists) in this gallery-like space. I love how Lisa clearly celebrates each very talented emerging designer along with high passion and desire to inspire customers how to create great personal style for themselves.

Lisa Weiss, in front of her smashing Soul Styling store, Debut!

When I first stepped into Debut, invited by my ultra-chic friend Erica Roseman, a genius fashion visionary and co-founder of Company Agenda, I could feel the intelligent attention to great new style and within seconds I was transported into a deeper understanding of Debut’s important purpose. I found the best, coolest, greatest one-shouldered summer shift there by a Belgian designer, Cathy Pill, and every time I slip it on, I swear I could hear Lisa’s mission whispering to me with each swish! Today I wore it to one of my favorite SSS (Soul Styling Spots) . . . Maialino at The Gramercy Park Hotel while I sipped my Arnold Palmer!

Dame Lori Loves Cathy Pill!

And to really back that up, Lisa loves to fan future fashion designers……she just finished hosting her 3rd Annual Parson Senior Showcase, where ten new graduating designers showed their collections for a week so they can manifest their CFDA winning awards in years to come.  It was an amazing event and very moving to see these new designers recognized and showcasing their collections in such a gorgeous container. Please read more about these newbie designers.

Thank You Debut for your courage, your conviction and your stand for original great style especially at a time when it is so easy to reach for a soul-less summer throwaway. The Dame Knights you for seducing me with your Soul Style for today’s society!

In adoration through adornment,
The Dame
298 Mulberry Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 343-2717‎


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7 responses to “My Debut!

  1. That sounds like a fabulous store! I’ll stop by next time I’m in town.

  2. Cute…and I love love love the photo of the Dame in Red!!xxx

    • Thanks, Peri, thanks to a discarded red antique office chair i found in front of the photographers studio.
      And the shot was taken after hours of changing from one outfit to the next when i sat down tired wearing the outfit
      i came in….i stuck the stilettos on because, well, it is fun to stick stilettos on, right?

  3. I love hearing about anyone supporting original design! It does a world of good for each person involved — and the world needs more ideas, more inspiration, more creativity, more daring and sass. Thank you, hottie Dame for supplying it all for us! BTW-You look fantastic in your dress!!!

    • Oh goddess….do I adore you… are truly one of my first mused for inspired Soul Style….and a true Court Artisan to boot!
      i will have you one day and am putting up a link to you for indigo handloom under my category of s.s.w.a.p. (soul styling with a purpose).

  4. Amanda

    I feel like rushing to Debut!
    And congrats on yr debut – super fab!

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