Jade Dressler: “I confess…I am A Ritualizer”

Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

this week: The Ritualizer interviews Jade Dressler:


I credit my refined appreciation of goopy deliciousness. (thank you too, Gwyneyth) to every Sunday morning when my Pop would come back from golf with some drippy and gooey Jewish fish item, sending my mother and sister running from the room while Pops and I moaned and groaned on and on about how its deliciousness was the best thing in the whole world.


I touch my hair and imagine it’s a mother or lover touching it, smoothing it, sensing me. This calms me.


My Fuel: Espresso, pumpernickel bagel and protein pumped juice.


Always the same outfit repeated, my long saffron yellow Indian prayer scarf for cocooning, blessed in India by Sharon and David of Jivamukti, Ipod of 1000 songs on shuffle,Dior Eau Savage for its citrus, vetiver and jasmine unisex, a little grey cami top, huge black vintage sunglasses for sleeping, wide leg jeans with my tight black adjustable Adidas hoodie with zippers, pockets and hand coverers for service, pleasure and thank you for flying with us.


My good luck fisherman from the Porte de Clignancourt Marches aux Puces in Paris. I always look at him as I sit at my desk and I just noticed that he has breasts and a pregnant belly with a ribbon it. I just this minute started a ritual to rub his/her belly for good luck.


Anger in others used to make my ego, fever or fear rise. Now I use it as a clue to beam and give love to them…no matter what my mind is saying.


I help bugs and seeds to return to their maker. Once a Katydid flew into my house at 3 am and I gave her a ride outside. Seeds that fall in front of me on the NYC concrete get planted.

8 MY GOOD NIGHT, slow down, relax RITUAL

I never need to be coaxed to sleep, but if I feel wonky over whenever, a huge bowl of rigatoni, goat cheese, garlic, fresh black pepper and chunky sea salt is like a drug to me. We consume together. I am consumed by it and it consumes me and takes me directly to its Leader: my down comforter.


I brought my boyfriend of eight years to me by concentrating every night to a little skrying circle of a blue glass egg, a fresh huge Pink peony from the garden and a candle.

I think Facebook, Janelle Monae and a full stack of steamy curry mussels in a Milanese trattoria are all Love Rituals I shall repeat relentlessly and endlessly (or want to) (publically, that is.)

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: COMMiti ego



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3 responses to “Jade Dressler: “I confess…I am A Ritualizer”

  1. What a great list (the ritualizer). I’m inspired to respond.

    1. Childhood ritual: Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Vicks Vapo-Rub when I was sick. Two great scents I can bring to mind at any time. I now buy the Vicks-scented Kleenex, and any time I take a deep sniff, it’s a great and simple pleasure/comfort.

    2. Sensual ritual: Self-massage with my wonderful Eucalyptus/Spearmint massage oil from Bath and Body Works. Do we sense a theme of minty scents here? Lately I’ve added a scalp massage. Bliss.

    3. Morning ritual: Large unsweetened tea with extra ice from McDonalds (add three Splendas). I take my vitamins and meds with this and sip all the way to work and through the morning.

    4. Travel ritual: I have pretty purple luggage (thanks to my mother-in-law), and I pack way too much for a simple weekend trip. Among my necessities are bubble bath, face wash, and comfortable pajamas.

    5. Inspired ritual: listening to music that takes me somewhere else. I play old albums on an actual Caliphone phonograph with a mostly worn-out needle that is hanging in there for me.

    6. Giving ritual: I color little paper “stained-glass” pictures and send them to friends and loved ones for bookmarks. You can buy books of these to color with markers at a hobby story like “Hobby Lobby.” I also give poems, those that I write and those of others. I write them out by hand.

    7. Nature ritual: Listening to the songs of birds and being truly grateful for them. I can do this throughout the day in various locations when I am outside, and again at home. It’s nature’s giving ritual to me.

    8. Good night ritual: Definitely starts with a bath in something soothing like last night’s Green Tea and Chamomile Epsom Salts bath. Brush my teeth, put on my softest available jammies, and cuddle with my husband on the couch.

    9. Love ritual: Buying little cans of pineapple juice for my husband and getting them icy cold in the fridge. Asking him to sit near me, turning off the television or radio so I can hear him better and give him my full attention anytime he’s speaking.

    Thanks so much for helping me take the time out this morning for this reflection on rituals.

    • Tamara, Beautiful!!! you have made my day! I thoroughly love that you took the time to share your rituals. The giving ritual is precious. I feel like I know you and that is the point. To connect us all. A big hug and thank you.

  2. A quick note — love these, especially the nature ritual…more later….

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