I’m Dating Myself

I took myself out on a date tonight. I put on my cut-off shorts, crocheted, racer-back tank top, sparkly sandals, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss and took myself for a walk. I visited my favorite witches and warlocks at Enchantments where I ordered a candle to burn for prosperity. I inhaled the incense, was dazzled by the glitter besparked floor, and enjoyed the nuzzling of the black cat that watches over the patrons. Then it was on to Luke’s Lobster to sample what has been voted the best lobster roll in NYC. I’ve been homesick for Maine lately and this charming East Village nook offers fresh Maine lobster rolls for a steal.  I left the adorable proprietor a note of appreciation and Maine love, then made my way to the least seedy area of Tompkin’s Square Park I could find. Sprawled on a bench, enjoying all the slices of life sauntering by, I devoured every last lick of lobster with nostalgia for my coastal upbringing. Then I walked myself home, enjoying the half moon over the skyline. I think I’ll ask me out again. It turns out I’m a pretty good time.

Court Artisan: Kate Northrup Moller



Filed under Spiritual Solvents...In our quest for higher conscious, what sticks to the ribs and heart.

7 responses to “I’m Dating Myself

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  2. janine

    this is soooo delicious! I love it. I love taking myself out on dates, but you stepped it up with the lobster roll! Great date. i’m so headed down there right now! Thanks for the burst of pleasure…

  3. Yes, you are a pretty good time! I love the imagery of this post – the specificity of what you wore, the moon, the lobster roll . . . all delicious. And there’s something rather cheeky about the whole experience, including the note for the proprietor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Penelope

    I love this! I know what I will order for lunch today.
    So wise to know that when you are in the company of your “self” you are truly in the company of the divine…

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