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COMM-iti-ego, explores the creative process and relationships within design and collaborative ventures. We will interview creatives weekly and begin here with designer, Kelly Lebwith.

How do you transform fear and disdain into brilliance + partnership + productivity?

Compassionate communication would be the short answer, yet it does not always go down like that.

While my intellect recognizes that fear and disdain are traps and a form of holding myself back, complaining is an indication one does not know how to move forward, thanks, Karl Wolfe.

Checking out what is real and in front of me is next. To notice what I need to do to take care of myself, release and “let it go” before it kills you, as Morcheeba sings.

Rage, like a passive aggressive Cro-Magnon – feel the sadness and grief under the anger. Identify and elegantly communicate similarities and solutions, call a friend, sit with it until there is movement or let art take you there. Recently a stronger bond and a shift were catalyzed for me after viewing the films; The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire.

In all forms of movement and through the love and patience of those invited in that become close to me, the leveling experience and state of grace that creates trans-personal access by way of humility or an “aha” moment, initiates a beautiful transformation.

What have you realized about yourself as a result of creative partnerships?

Connection and nurturing are catalysts for movement.

Over the past 25 years, I continue to enjoy my one-on-one time with my friend, Bret Witke. While the sun and espresso are warming us we can always find something to talk about from an infinite pool of common likes, covering design to sounding out a situation, discussing a strategy or sitting quietly. Once you have come to really know someone, letting them being able to see you can be uncomfortable while soothing. A cycle and balance of communication and space seems to consistently work.

Over time, here’s what I’ve learned. While I’m smart enough to see what others are made of – strong enough to nurture, throw down or walk away – my gentle heart is capable of navigating solo. By being in relationship with others, I evolve as I learn more about myself from my experiences with others.

There is no need to hide, only shine.

Court Artisan: Kelly Lebwith


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