Homme Hot Pants

As the heat rises, so do the hemlines, or for urban males, the length of their shorts.

Just as hunky street fashionistas warmed to skinny jeans cuffed above the ankle this spring (I donned the look last year), this summer fellas are giving into hot pants. These shorter-shorts, seen on the runway last year, are edging their way onto the urban Avenues just in time for the East Coast heat wave.

The problem is, the only retailers that offer the look are high end (Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey New York, you know the drill) and shorts at these spots can ring your credit card into overdraft. So while a Dsquared2 pair are grand, the simple solution—grab a pair of dress slacks and find a tailor.

Make sure the pants you pick are already narrow through the leg, then ask your tailor to hem them 5-7 inches from your billowing crotch. Being Jockey sized, I do 5 inches (the shorts that is) but the key is to keep it proportional to your frame. If you are lanky, you may go for 7. But stay short and show off at least half the length between knee and basket.

You can also pick up a pair of narrow dress shorts at a mid range retailer (try Top Man in Soho, NYC) then have them hemmed just a few inches. Or if you’re a cheap assed Mofo, just wield a scissors and go for a rugged and short chic look. It all works.

Pair the hot pants with a rugged T-shirt ( Scooter LaForce has amazing super-butch imagery featuring soft cotton and growling male faces) and a big chunky Sandal woven sandal. Then get ready to turn heads.

Court Artisan: Scott Alexander Hess Aka Bergdorf Boy

Bergdorf Goodman

754 5th Avenue, New York – (212) 753-7300

Jeffrey New York

449 West 14th Street

New York, NY 10014-1003(212) 206-1272‎


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