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A Tango Bride

A Soul Style Star Is Born – And The Dame Was the Doula!

Dr. Christiane Northrup & her tango partner, Jim Carter."Flirting is the key to my tango success!"

On June 18, 2010, with tears in my eyes, I watched my precious friend, Dr. Christiane Northrup, dance tango with her partner, Jim Carter. It was the graduation weekend of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program, and Christiane had divinely risen to a challenge proposed by Mama herself–the queen of pleasurable offers, Regena Thomashauer.

It had taken nine months to create and deliver this breathtaking experience, and I was inspired throughout the process by my beautiful soul sisters, Kirsten Lewis, aka Kiki La Musette, and Sandra Chiu, both of whom are extraordinary dancers, lovers, and muses. It all began with the finding of the corset, a gorgeous black silk La Cadolle, recommended by my friend, Margaret Shrum, a lingerie expert. This find led to a corset fitting party at La Journelle, the best lingerie store in NYC, with Christiane’s daughter, Kate Northrup, as the model–a perfect fit, of course! So I insisted Christiane purchase this exquisite piece as a “Legacy Investment” to pass on to both of her daughters (Kate, and Ann Moller). Then there was a second fitting, this time with Christiane herself–assisted by Brianna and Mara, expert cinchers–where we discovered that my secondhand black satin skirt from my City Opera Thrift Shop was just right, and another expert recommended that we add a red silk satin ruffle to the bottom of the skirt that would peek out in the motions of the tango. What ecstatic joy it was to capture this stroke of genius and take it to my world-class Dynasty Tailors to execute the embellishment. Right before the ensemble was finished, Christiane said she felt like a Bride Married to Amazement in this ritual of the wardrobe creation in honor of the incredible sensual journey she has been on in her life. So, back to the tailor I went, to conjure a red satin garter belt for the bride and a matching tie for Jim! Let’s not forget the Wolford back-seamed stockings, the red French feathered hair ornament I created, and the professional hair and makeup artist–all serving the Divine Doctor in her penthouse suite at the Royalton Hotel. We even had expert cincher Mara on-hand, who laced Christiane in while her dearest friends and family read poems and praised the bride to be as she prepared to step into her elegant satin tango shoes, into the limo, and onto the stage at the Pennsylvania Hotel, never to be the same again. And neither were we . . .

Thank you, Christiane, for stepping up to the challenge to show the world your newfound lust for tango, your passion for living and owning your beauty, and your hot, throbbing desire to love. The Dame knights you for surrendering to Soul Style a la Tango Fever. I await Tango Challenge 2011, but until then, I am surrendering to your newly revised Bible of blissed out health by my bedside.

Love, The Dame


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Red Dress, Red Dress

When I was l6, living in Brooklyn and attending Erasmus Hall High School, alma mater of both Barbara Stanwyck and Barbra Streisand, my Sweet Sixteen Party was held at a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan – hey, every Jewish girl in the neighborhood had her sweet sixteen at a Chinese restaurant – that was the cool thing to do. At any rate, something interesting happened there: they gave me a Chinese robe to wear for the night.

You can see me in the red kimono in the picture with my parents. Fast forward to today, where I own at least 10 of these Chinese coats, being obsessed with antique Chinese clothes. Of all the many things I own – varied and numerous as they are – the Chinese are my favorite. The embroidery, the quality of the silk, the vivid colors, the vibrancy, the feel, the peonies: these do me in and I swoon.

When I first saw Hou Hsiao-hsien’s film, Flowers of Shanghai I nearly fell out of my seat. I wanted them to stop every frame so I could examine the costumes more closely – both the men and women were gorgeous.

It’s all I want to wear.

Court Artisan: Tziporah Salamon

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The Other Big O

When I mean “big”, I mean profound, earth shattering, mind-boggling; love after initial contact, desperation if you fear you may only encounter it once, willing to spend for it… You get the picture.

The O in mention is Olio Lusso, the beauty elixir extraordinaire created by the fabulous divina, famed stylist, former model, Linda Rodin.  This product is life changing.  I have always fantasized about doing my beauty regime with one bottle that does it all.  The Olio Lusso Face oil is as close as I’ve ever come to realizing this dream.  As a true believer of less-is-more, Olio Lusso is a blend of eleven rare and exotic essential oils into a brew that creates the most supple, glowing, hydrated and loved looking skin ever.  Us lucky followers are thrilled that there’s an Olio Lusso blend for the face and also one for the body (since we were using the face oil for both – oh precious little drops…) with a hair oil – oh joy – coming in September.  A few drops of this heavenly-scented witches brew will make you think twice about what you put on your body.

And if Ms. Rodin is any example of what it can do, I’d like this auto-shipped forever.

Linda Rodin

Court Artisan: Michelle Barge

Image Credit: Keirnan Monaghan


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Lucy Raubertas: I Confess! I am a Ritualizer!

This week, The Ritualizer probes the rituals of the really lovely Lucy Raubertas of the lush and informative blog, Indie Perfumes, “Perfume and desideratum in Brooklyn.” You just have to be the definition of lovely to write passionately and originally about indie perfumes. Lucy is like a modern fairy in a hip, literary-sexy, Euro-Brooklyn babe’s body. Here are some of her rituals:


As soon as I wake up, Dante, my Italian Greyhound comes over and wags around happy to be alive, so the custom has been well established that he is to be petted as much as he wants first thing in the morning.


After reading up on whatever favorite artist or writer I know of from that region, I try to map out walks ahead of time, if possible finding some scene from the stories or paintings such as those at Rubin Museum in New York, where I recently went to “The Smell of Ecstasy.


Music always gets me inspired, I let the particular kind just arise out of the vast array and grab me.


Every morning I go to the window and I look out at the sky and let the quality of the light and the weather fill my eyes. I can then feel what the day will be like, though not what will happen, more like figuring out what the day’s internal theme will be.


I carry a number of perfume samples with me so when there is a moment and I know I have something truly wonderful on me that I think would appeal to them, I break them out to share. Jasmine is my current love, especially because new scientific study has found it as effective as Valium.

Court Artisan Tip: (For some really marvelous indie perfumes, try Babalu Miami.)


Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: Jade Dressler


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probiotic botanical luv hub

COMM-iti-ego explores the creative process and relationships within design and collaborative ventures with three key questions.

This week we interview creative master herbalist, Desiree Romero, a co-creator behind Tonix Botanicals.

1. how do you access your creative?

Something unexpected happens in my life, edging a positive or negative affect.

After meditating on the intent of the situation, a project or business may transform, provided it will help and support many people. Moving through the movement in forming a creative collective I found the properties of my herbal formulas required more potent heart opening herbs within each specific herbal formula to nurture and heal all the vital relationships within the body.

Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, encouraged the concept and components of the 5 formulas, so we symbiotically inspired one another. Not knowing why, people were drawn to them and they sold out.

Sexy, Beauty, Serene, Karmic Leap, Vital Energy = 5 formulas, ideal for elixirs.

2. How do you transform fear and disdain into brilliance + partnership + productivity?

‘I love, I can love, to love, because I hate, because I love’ as Dennis Hopper brilliantly ad-libbed in the Director’s Cut of the Henry Jaglom film, Tracks.

3. what have you realized about yourself as a result of creative partnerships?
With the strength of my partners husband Garry and Chris Lyans and as the ‘love hub team’ we venture into new projects, only those, that make us happy.

Reishi, the mushroom of immortality only grows in the mountains, forests or in cultivation. For some reason it started growing in our backyard after my two inspired/ing mentors past. Last year after the death of David Carradine, in June, then re-appeared as Dennis Hopper was dying. Now it is sporing, a creative collective of it’s own.

I woke up this morning, loving my life, knowing we are helping so many people by making and providing the coconut water kefir.

Court Artisan: Kelly Lebwith


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My Debut!

I  begin with Debut, a precious retail store on 298 Mulberry St,  in NYC, created and owned by a very lovely woman; Lisa Weiss. I met her at my Divas Shop For Opera event and I knew that I had found a fashion comrade. This store defines pure Soul Style essence….devoted to honoring a woman’s desire for individuality and celebrating designers (housed as artists) in this gallery-like space. I love how Lisa clearly celebrates each very talented emerging designer along with high passion and desire to inspire customers how to create great personal style for themselves.

Lisa Weiss, in front of her smashing Soul Styling store, Debut!

When I first stepped into Debut, invited by my ultra-chic friend Erica Roseman, a genius fashion visionary and co-founder of Company Agenda, I could feel the intelligent attention to great new style and within seconds I was transported into a deeper understanding of Debut’s important purpose. I found the best, coolest, greatest one-shouldered summer shift there by a Belgian designer, Cathy Pill, and every time I slip it on, I swear I could hear Lisa’s mission whispering to me with each swish! Today I wore it to one of my favorite SSS (Soul Styling Spots) . . . Maialino at The Gramercy Park Hotel while I sipped my Arnold Palmer!

Dame Lori Loves Cathy Pill!

And to really back that up, Lisa loves to fan future fashion designers……she just finished hosting her 3rd Annual Parson Senior Showcase, where ten new graduating designers showed their collections for a week so they can manifest their CFDA winning awards in years to come.  It was an amazing event and very moving to see these new designers recognized and showcasing their collections in such a gorgeous container. Please read more about these newbie designers.

Thank You Debut for your courage, your conviction and your stand for original great style especially at a time when it is so easy to reach for a soul-less summer throwaway. The Dame Knights you for seducing me with your Soul Style for today’s society!

In adoration through adornment,
The Dame
298 Mulberry Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 343-2717‎


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Jade Dressler: “I confess…I am A Ritualizer”

Rx: Ritualizer.

A Peek into the private and public rituals of extraordinary ordinary people.

Like Proust’s questionnaire, “The Ritualizer Nine” are nine questions put to extraordinary ordinary people to reveal our habits, pleasures, pathologies and silliness as insight to character, connections to each other and human evolution itself.

this week: The Ritualizer interviews Jade Dressler:


I credit my refined appreciation of goopy deliciousness. (thank you too, Gwyneyth) to every Sunday morning when my Pop would come back from golf with some drippy and gooey Jewish fish item, sending my mother and sister running from the room while Pops and I moaned and groaned on and on about how its deliciousness was the best thing in the whole world.


I touch my hair and imagine it’s a mother or lover touching it, smoothing it, sensing me. This calms me.


My Fuel: Espresso, pumpernickel bagel and protein pumped juice.


Always the same outfit repeated, my long saffron yellow Indian prayer scarf for cocooning, blessed in India by Sharon and David of Jivamukti, Ipod of 1000 songs on shuffle,Dior Eau Savage for its citrus, vetiver and jasmine unisex, a little grey cami top, huge black vintage sunglasses for sleeping, wide leg jeans with my tight black adjustable Adidas hoodie with zippers, pockets and hand coverers for service, pleasure and thank you for flying with us.


My good luck fisherman from the Porte de Clignancourt Marches aux Puces in Paris. I always look at him as I sit at my desk and I just noticed that he has breasts and a pregnant belly with a ribbon it. I just this minute started a ritual to rub his/her belly for good luck.


Anger in others used to make my ego, fever or fear rise. Now I use it as a clue to beam and give love to them…no matter what my mind is saying.


I help bugs and seeds to return to their maker. Once a Katydid flew into my house at 3 am and I gave her a ride outside. Seeds that fall in front of me on the NYC concrete get planted.

8 MY GOOD NIGHT, slow down, relax RITUAL

I never need to be coaxed to sleep, but if I feel wonky over whenever, a huge bowl of rigatoni, goat cheese, garlic, fresh black pepper and chunky sea salt is like a drug to me. We consume together. I am consumed by it and it consumes me and takes me directly to its Leader: my down comforter.


I brought my boyfriend of eight years to me by concentrating every night to a little skrying circle of a blue glass egg, a fresh huge Pink peony from the garden and a candle.

I think Facebook, Janelle Monae and a full stack of steamy curry mussels in a Milanese trattoria are all Love Rituals I shall repeat relentlessly and endlessly (or want to) (publically, that is.)

Access The shine. Access the Love. Prescription: Ritualizer

Court Artisan: COMMiti ego


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